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My Condolences and prayers!  / Renee Woodward   Read >>
My Condolences and prayers!  / Renee Woodward
Noone can imagine the horror in losing a child until it happens to you. This was tragic tears cloud my eye's to read what happened to this precious gift of life and my heart goes out to Ethan and his family. Close
Condolances / MHK (None)  Read >>
Condolances / MHK (None)
I just came across this story.  Please accept my condolances.  No family or child should have to suffer through a horror like this.  Ethan however was clearly blessed to have had a strong loving and nurturing family with his father in Virginia.  God bless you and be with you all. Close
Sending Condolences  / Tara H. (None)  Read >>
Sending Condolences  / Tara H. (None)
I am so sorry for your loss. Ethan only graced the earth with his beautiful presence for for years. Ethan was and still is an angel. I'm sure that he is in God's hands. We as a people have to do more to protect children from the vicious people in the world. The hardest part is when the violence is inflicted from a loved one. My heart goes out to Ethan's family..especially his father. One can clearly see that he loved Ethan. Mei little Ethan rest in peace. Mei his mother and her boyfriend recieve the justice that they deserve. Close
Made with Love for Ethan  / Lorraine Mom To Angel Kelli 73~08 (Connected by angels )  Read >>
Made with Love for Ethan  / Lorraine Mom To Angel Kelli 73~08 (Connected by angels )



Jesus Loves the little children  / Lorraine Mom To Angel Kelli 1973-2008 (Connected by angels )  Read >>
Jesus Loves the little children  / Lorraine Mom To Angel Kelli 1973-2008 (Connected by angels )

Boys / Keighla Crouse   Read >>
Boys / Keighla Crouse

I hope this family is finding peace..My family lost a little boy in Januari. We adopted him when he was 7 months old..He died from child abuse at the hands of his own mother..She is  still walking the streets... Rest in Peace little Ethan..Play hard boys.

Ethan & Joe  / Shantel Jenkins   Read >>
Ethan & Joe  / Shantel Jenkins
 You are a shinning star to all of us. I have cried so many tears for you. I look up in the ski and try to see your smiling face. And at night I know you are there cause you have the brightest star shinning in the night ski. We All love you.
     You have the cutest son. I hope you know that your son has touched so many people. I carry 3 blue ribbons in my truck with his name on them. I was abused I a child my self. Your son will always be apart of my life. He will always be with you. GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.   RIP Little man. Close
Always in Our Thoughts  / Steven Groth (Friend)  Read >>
Always in Our Thoughts  / Steven Groth (Friend)
Little Guy it's been almost four months since you left us and not a day has gone by without thoughts of you.  So many of us carry your memory in our hearts - you will be with us forever.  God Bless you Little Man.  Mei Jesus carry you in His Loving Arms forever and ever. Close
Even to this day.  / Kristi Kramer (No relation. )  Read >>
Even to this day.  / Kristi Kramer (No relation. )


It has been almost three months that you joined our heavenly father.  Even to this day  my thoughs still think of you and the tragedy you had to suffer through; but it brings to mind that you no longer suffer.  I am sure that it is safe to say that everyone here at Hill has thought of you and I have shead a few tears myself.  I look at you as a little angel that has brought this community together.  Although we could not save you our eyes have opened to the possibility that it can be anybody's child.  Mei God Bless you your Father and your entire family.  I love you.

thoughts and trying to get in touch  / Tami Jobe (friend)  Read >>
thoughts and trying to get in touch  / Tami Jobe (friend)

Joe and Dewey:

Johnny has tried and tried to get in touch with you all.  Please let me know how he can or email me and I'll give you his number.  WE think and pray for you daily. I can't imagine! Joe we love you and I just pray God gives you strength to make it through each day.

Tami Jobe

Father's Day 2010  / Lorraine Mom To Angel Kelli (Connected by angels )  Read >>
Father's Day 2010  / Lorraine Mom To Angel Kelli (Connected by angels )

Dearest Joe

Believe me when I say I understand there are no words to bring comfort on Father's Day. For many like yourself it only brings tears and a heartbreak that measures beyond what words can communicate.

For those who have never (Thank God) had to enter into this journey that none of us wanted they are unable to comprehend the meaning of pain sorrow and a deep grief that walks with us and will continue to walk with us for the rest of our days.

You are in my heart and thoughts and I also understand it brings little if any comfort to the reality and depth of your loss.

Lorraine Mom to angel Kelli (4/10/73 - 4/6/08 )

Beautiful, Beautiful, Ethan  / Joyce Thompson (in my heart )  Read >>
Beautiful, Beautiful, Ethan  / Joyce Thompson (in my heart )

My deepest heartfelt condolences to Ethan's family.  I know there's nothing anyone could possibly say to lessen the anguish you must feel but I sincerely hope that you realize many people carry Ethan in their hearts and he has touched so many lives.

I cannot fathom for one moment any part of 'humanity' that would not be completely outraged at what Ethan had to endure!  I hope and pray that Ethan's Law is passed and that justice is swiftly carried out.

There is one thing that truly makes my heart glad...that Ethan had the opportunity of knowing real love in this world...from his father.  Joe you should be proud that you were a wonderful father to Ethan and earned the love of a beautiful little boy!  Nothing can ever change that.

RIP Ethan  xo

with deepest sympathy  / Linda   Read >>
with deepest sympathy  / Linda
i am so sorry for your tragic loss - your son was a beautiful boy and he has forever captured my heart. He will remain in my prayers. Close
All I can offer  / David Beck   Read >>
All I can offer  / David Beck

All me and my family can give is our condolences and our hope that justice will be served. My wife and I hope that Ethans law will be passed.


         The Becks


ethan / Kenneth Boone   Read >>
ethan / Kenneth Boone

 my fiance has become a fb advocate(in her own right) for ethans law and sharing his memorium page. no words will ever comfortyou  but our blessings are with you.

We offer our deepest sympathy.  / Angela K. (None)  Read >>
We offer our deepest sympathy.  / Angela K. (None)

I offer my deepest sympathy and prayers to you. I did not know Ethan but when I heard the news I just could not and did not want to believe something like this could happen. As a parent I realize that no amount of words could ever help you feel whole again. I am so deeply sorry. While it may provide little comfort we pray for you and your family and little Ethan.

My Condolences  / Jennifer Anzalone (none)  Read >>
My Condolences  / Jennifer Anzalone (none)
Dear Mr. Stacy

I think of you everyday.  I would like to hold your hand.  You have a beautiful boy Ethan.  I would of been honored to of been his mother.  However we both know that our paths never crossed.  I have two boys of my own now and a third on the way.  I am thinking of naming the third one in honor of Ethan if that is okay with you.  Take care of yourself. I know my words probably won't help much but I care for you and your boy.  He is in heaven.  I know it. 

Take care.
Jennifer Anzalone.
Tucson AZ Close
"THE TIDAL WAVE OF GRIEF"  / Lorraine Mom To Angel Kelli (Connected by angels )  Read >>
"THE TIDAL WAVE OF GRIEF"  / Lorraine Mom To Angel Kelli (Connected by angels )


Grief is a tidal wave that overtakes you smashes down upon you with unimaginable force sweeps you up into its darkness

where you tumble and crash against unidentifiable surfaces
only to be thrown out on an unknown beach bruised reshaped.
Grief means not being able to read more than two sentences at a time. It is walking into rooms with intention that suddenly vanishes.
Grief is three o'clock in the morning sweats that won't stop.
It is dreadful Sundays Mondays that are no better. It makes you look for a face in the crowd knowing full well the face we want cannot be found in that crowd.

Grief is utter aloneness that razes the rational mind and makes room for the phantasmagoric. It makes you suddenly get up and leave in the middle of a meeting without saying a word.

Grief makes what others think of you moot. It shears away the masks of normal life and forces brutal honesty out of your mouth before propriety can stop you. It shoves away friends
scares away so-called friends and rewrites address books for you.

Grief makes you laugh at people who cry over spilled milk right to their faces. It tells the world that you are untouchable
at the very moment when touch is the only contact that might reach you. It makes lepers out of upstanding citizens.

Grief discriminates against no one. It kills. Maims. And cripples. It is the ashes from which the phoenix rises and the mettle of rebirth. It returns life to the living dead. It teaches that there is nothing absolutely true or untrue. It assures the living that we know nothing for certain. It humbles. It shrouds. It blackens. It enlightens.

Grief will make a new person out of you if it doesn't kill you in the making.

- Stephanie Ericsson in "Companion Through the Darkness"

Dear Joe  / Angela Sharp (none)  Read >>
Dear Joe  / Angela Sharp (none)
I am so sorry for your loss. I have never met you or sweet little Ethan but I have cried several times over his tragic passing. His beautiful face has captured my heart and my thoughts and prayers are with you daily. I can't imagine the pain you're in. I wish I could give you a big hug. Ethan's story has made me realize we need to be more involved in keeping our children safe and I vow to do what i can to make that happen. Close
So sad  / Kerri Davies (None)  Read >>
So sad  / Kerri Davies (None)
I think of you everyday Close
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